DK 700

SureCrete’s DK 700 is a moisture/vapor blocker for concrete floors. Protect every project with SureCrete’s Class 1 vapor barrier. And eliminate unwanted bubbles and pinholes when applying resinous coatings.


DK 700 is a moisture vapor emission barrier that meets ASTM F-1869, ASTM E-96, ASTM E-93, ASTM D-7088. Protect every project with SureCrete’s Class 1 vapor barrier. Formulated to penetrate the pores and capillaries of concrete to generate mechanical interlock and
superior bonding. Tested and approved to reduce hydrostatic pressure down to 2.77 pounds per 1,000 square feet on concrete surfaces.

DK 700 is a 2 component solvent-based urethane primer, 97% solids, low VOC (<40 g/L), class 1 vapor barrier that meets ASTM-E96-E93. DK 700 stops water vapor transmission, to less than 1/2 pound per 1,000 sq. ft. This unique water vapor barrier opens up the possibility of applying high-performance resinous coatings, including all Dura-Kote Systems, to uncured or moisture-laden concrete that was never before possible.


DK 700 Mix Rate & Coverages

Mixing ratio is 3:1 (3-parts A to 1-part B). Coverage varies due to porosity of substrate, approximately 320-400 ft.²
(28 m²) per gallon (3.8 L) or 3-4 mils wet.


Where Can Dura-Kote 700 Be Used?

DK 700 can be used under resinous floors, concrete overlayments, carpet, tile, hardwood, and VCT.


What Should The Temperature Be To Use DK 700?

Apply when surface and ambient temperatures range between 50 F (10 C) and 90 F (32 C) and will remain that way for 24 hours. You should also make sure the product has been acclimated to room temperature, before application. Ideal room temperature is 78 degrees and 50% relative humidity.


What Is The Best Way To Apply Dura-Kote 700?

It can be applied with roller or squeegeed and then back-rolled. Make sure your roller is approximately 3/8” nap or (9.5 mm). Roller cover should be a premium quality with phenolic core.


Technical Data Sheet | TDS Click Here
Safety Data Sheet – Part A | SDS Click Here


Safety Data Sheet – Part B | SDS Click Here


DK 700 Specifications

Solids: 96.5%

VOC’s: <40 g/L

Tack Free Time: 4 ½ hours at 78⁰F (26⁰

Water Vapor Transference: < .02 ( ASTM E-96-93)

Water Permeance: < .1

Adhesion to Dry Concrete: 621 psi (ASTM-D4541-65)

Adhesion to Wet Concrete: 621 psi(ASTM-D4541-65)

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