Concrete Overlay Products

Decorative concrete overlays come in two types of mix designs: single component and dual component. Single component concrete overlayments utilize dry polymers that activate when mixed with water. A lot of times they are called just-add-water bag mixes.Dual (or two) component mix designs require the use of a liquid polymer concentrate that is used on the surface to create the bond and blended into the bag mix to strengthen the end product.

Here in Texas we deal with very hot and humid temperatures. Typically most contractors prefer a single component concrete overlay as it requries less steps during its application. Allowing the focus to be on the texture being created. In some cases the use of a retarder aids in working time.

At Stamped Concrete Products of Pasadena, Texas. We offer (4) kinds of concrete overlay products: micro-toppings, thin-build, stampable, and vertical.

Micro-Topping Overlayments

Vertical Overlayments

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