WallSpray is a 40 lb., lightweight, sprayable, vertical concrete overlay manufactured by SureCrete. Formulated for use in both interior and exterior applications. Can be colored with dry pigment color packs.




Wall Spray™ is a cement-based overlay designed for both interior and exterior vertical surfaces. It offers a wide variety of finishes from a simple knock-down to a sophisticated faux Venetian Plaster. Wall Spray may be applied by compressed air spray equipment and/or by trowel. Restoration, repair, resurfacing, architectural accenting, and surface protection of existing cladding are all realized through Wall Spray.

Typical areas include retention walls, entry/accent walls, columns, gable ends, fireplace accents, and any other vertical surfaces or walls. Wall Spray is formulated to provide excellent bonding to new as well as existing concrete, concrete block, ICF, polystyrene foam, drywall, plaster, plywood, and even painted surfaces.


What Are The Typical Surfaces WallSpray Is Used On?

Surfaces range from exterior concrete block, concrete tilt-up, wood, magnesium board, and foam (ICF, EFIS, Architectural). On interior surfaces such as drywall, cement board, brick, and treated gypsum board.


Wall Spray Specs & Properties

VOC Rating   0 g/L
Density   121 lbs/cubic foot
Compressive Strength   ASTM C-109: 2,870 PSI @ 28 days
Flexural Strength   ASTM C-348: 950 PSI @ 28 days
Tensile Strength   ASTM C-190: 140 PSI @ 28 days
Abrasion Resistance   28 days %loss – 500 cycles – less than 0.40%
Mosaic Shear   ANSI A 118.4: 275 PSI @ 28 days
Water Permeability   ASTM D2247: Passes Freeze/Thaw @ 50 cycles


WallSpray Quick Facts

  • 40 lb. Bag (18.1kg)
  • Mixing Ratio = 3.5 to 4 quarts of clean water per bag
  • Coverage Rate
    • 1/4″ = 28-30 sq. ft.

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