Bond Kote

Bond Kote is a pre-blended product used on existing concrete surfaces such as exterior floors, driveways, patios, pool decks, and other vehicular and pedestrian traffic surfaces.


Bond-Kote is a pre-blended, cementitious product that can be used on existing concrete surfaces. This material is placed approximately 1/16” to 1/8” thick.  This product can be used on exterior floors, driveways, patios, pool decks, and other surfaces for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


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Surface Preparation

All surfaces shall be clean and free of dirt, dust, paint, sealers, form releases, curing agents, grease, oil, or any inhibiting mixed material that would impede the penetration of Unipas Polymer to the substrate pores. Any material that would cause de-lamination must be removed. Pressure washing, sandblasting, water blasting, grinding & shot blasting are suggested procedures for removing contaminants from the surface. On existing surfaces not subject to these conditions, pressure washing and 30 parts water to 1 part acid should be considered for smooth, steel-troweled, or formed concrete.


Coverage Rates

A 50 lb bag of Bond Kote will cover approximately 90 square feet @ 1/16” thick, or 45 square feet @ 1/8” thick.



                ASTM C – 109 | Compressive Strength

1 day      1500 PSI
                                7 days    3250 PSI
28 days    5890 PSI

              ASTM C – 109 | Tensile Strength

1 day      280 PSI
                                7 days    560 PSI
28 days   890 PSI

              ASTM C – 348| Flexural Strength

1 day      210 PSI
                                7 days    290 PSI
28 days    550 PSI

              ASTM C – 348| Abrasion Resistance – GMS Lost (1/4″ patch)

after 24 hours – 1
after   7 days   – 1


Mixing & Application

  1. Bonding Primer: Begin with a properly prepared Saturated Surface Dry substrate.
  2. Apply Unipas Polymer undiluted over saturated substrate. Scrub polymer into the surface with a medium to stiff broom or brush. Make sure to cover all areas that will be receiving the stampable overlay mixture. Allow this primer to dry to a clear film. Do not walk on the dried primer unless the use of proper footwear that will not tear the film from the concrete has been attained. Suggested footwear, rubber spikes.
  3. Depending on the desired application, the addition of water is as follows: add 4 to 5 quarts of clean potable water to a 50 lb bag of Bond Kote.
  4. Slowly add the 50 lb mixture of overlayment to the water and mix for approx. 3 to 4 minutes, until a lump free consistency has been obtained.
  5. Place material onto the surface and screed with a gauge rake set to the desired thickness.
  6. Smooth out material with a Fresno, or hand held pool trowels to consolidate the material.
  7. Allow the material to gain sufficient structural integrity to accept imprinting tools for impression work or for smooth trowel if desired.

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