Stamped Concrete

Impressing 3D textures into concrete is the original decorative concrete system. The use of integral color and/or color hardenr is the first stage of stamping concrete. Next a hydrophobic dry pigment powder relase is spread onto the surface and tools. The use of skin mat’s and grouted texture mat’s are used to create the 3-dimensinoal design. Once cured, the concrete is rinsed the following day and sealed.

Stamped concrete can replicate stone, slate, flagston, brick, pavers, even wood. The advantage is these textures and designs recieve the durability of concrete. Making it a must use in high traffic residential and commercial areas. We offer the highest quality colorants (integral color & color hardenrers), release agents (liquid and poweder), and accenting colors (color wash). We also rent stamping tools. Let us know how we can make your stamped concrete become a success.

Accents / secondary coloring

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