SureCrete’s concrete liquid release is a liquid concrete releasing agent that is colorless and formulated to help maintain and preserve stamping mats and tools. SureRelease can be used on newly poured concrete and also concrete stamp overlays.




SureCrete SureRelease Liquid is a colorless, bubblegum scented petroleum distillate formulated to release any decorative imprinting tool from concrete or polymer modified cementitious topping. cementitious topping. our liquid release provides a lubricating barrier that protects and prolongs the life of stamping tools and evaporates from the cementitious surface leaving minimal residue.

Specifically designed for use in conjunction with SureCrete Systems: stamped concrete, stamped overlay, texture systems and imprinting, stamp tools. May be used on interior or exterior. SureCrete recommends SureRelease for projects that are to be textured, but colored later, e.g. stamp overlay and stamp concrete. Excessive masking associated with messy powder release is virtually eliminated with SureRelease.


How To Use A Liquid Release Agent Properly

Application of SureRelease is accomplished through misting the cementitious surface with a pump-up sprayer. Imprinting tools must have their texture face saturated at the start of stamping. Apply only as much release as can be covered with tools in a few minutes in temperatures above 40ºF and rising. Direct sunlight and windy conditions will accelerate the evaporative properties of SureRelease.


SureRelease Quick Facts

Packaging | 5 gal (18.9L) Pail

VOC | 0 g/L

Odor | Bubblegum

Coverage | Approx. 240 sq. ft. per gallon

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