SureBroom is a 6,000 PSI broomable concrete overlay bag mix. Available in both white and gray Portland Cement. Ideal for resurfacing high-traffic surfaces such as commercial walkways, parking lots, and garages.




SureBroom is the premier, high strength, thin, broom finish concrete overlay for extreme high traffic areas, such as: parking lots, parking garages, ramps, stairwells, commuter stations and walkways. Designed to make old concrete look and perform like-new again, it transforms worn, spalling and weathered substrates into fresh, uniform and defect-free surfaces.

Our high-strength overlay offers the user the ability to not rip out old concrete. Allowing them to use this cost-saving alternative to restore their concrete, and make it look and feel brand new. While specifically designed for broomed finish concrete, it can also be used to replicate a variety of textures and designs.

So make your concrete surface even stronger with this 6,100 PSI resurfacing overlay. It will also help provide slip resistance and proper coefficient of friction on outdoor surfaces that are subject to rain, ice or inclement conditions.


Is SureBroom A Good Choice For Commercial Surfaces?

Sure Broom was designed to resurface high traffic concrete without compromising color, design or texture. When properly applied
and sealed, will produce an attractive, high compressive strength, highly durable surface with a long life-cycle and low maintenance requirements.


What Textures Can Sure Broom Create?

Although SureBroom was designed to renovate broomed concrete exterior surfaces, a variety of textures and designs can be achieved for exterior flatwork or interior floors:

  • Broom
  • Stipple (Bubble Finish)
  • Swirl
  • Wood Grain
  • Sponge Float
  • Euro-Texture (Slop Trowel)


SureBroom Quick Facts

  • 50 lb. Bag (22.7kg)
  • Available in Gray & White Cement
  • Mixing Ratio = 4 to 6.5 quarts of clean water per bag
  • Coverage Rat is 100-250 sq. ft.
    • Base Coat = 100-180 sq. ft.
    • Texture Coat = 150-250 sq. ft.

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