Surface Delay

SureCrete’s concrete surface delay is a film forming liquid that helps keep the cream finish of the surface of overlays or newly poured concrete surface moist for slowing the cure time.


Surface Delay is a transparent, soapy odor, non-hazardous, concentrated, film-forming solution that is designed to retard the initial evaporation of water from freshly poured concrete or stamp overlay during finishing operations. If you are dealing with  conditions that include high wind, low humidity, high temperature or any combination, a concrete retarding agent is an ideal solution.

If you are placing concrete, use of Surface Delay will allow you to be placed with a lower slump, even under rapid drying conditions. Helping to reduce related shrinkage cracking or surface checking by slowing initial evaporation of bleed water.

When you need a little more time to work on a concrete stamping project, the concrete surface delay will help you do just that. Sometimes a custom carving design or an intricate stamping pattern is more difficult and time-consuming to accomplish, or possibly weather conditions are simply not behaving as expected. When this is the case, extra time may be necessary to complete a project. If you’re a homeowner working with a stamp overlay product for the first time and need a bit more time to get your desired finished product done, just apply a little surface delay to the wet surface to keep your surface workable.


What Surfaces Are Ideal For Using A Delay?

These surfaces include stampable overlays, carve-able overlays, vertical carving cement, vertical stamping mix, along with freshly poured stamped concrete.


How Do You Apply Surface Delay?

Surface Delay is a very simple to use. Since it is a concentrated concrete retarding agent, it needs to be diluted 9 parts water to 1 part product. After you have placed freshly poured concrete is placed in the traditional manner, and after surface has been leveled. Spray  Delay onto the surface evenly. Make sure to do this before product has become too dry to carve or stamp. Delay can be re-applied between finishing operations under severe conditions.




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