SureCrete’s SCR™ is a concentrated concrete cleaner, degreaser, and etcher which is a safe alternative to muriatic acid for driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and patios. Manufactured for the solution to go into the pores of the concrete and to bubble the impurities out to be rinsed away.


Super Concrete Renovator (SCR™) is an eco-friendly 3-in-1 concrete, brick, and paver cleaner. The concentrated formula includes a powerful, degreaser, detergent, and etcher. Making SCR the safe alternative to muriatic acid. SCR works by the solution seeping into the pores of the concrete and bubbling the impurities out. Allowing you to rinse them easily away.

Application in this situation is 1-1 or 2-1 (part water to part SCR). Even though SCR is a powerful concrete cleaner which can aid in removing dirt, efflorescence, mold, mineral deposits, and rust. It has never been easier to clean your concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, porches, pool decks, patios, sand pavers, and landscape edging. In addition to its uses on natural surfaces, SureCrete’s SCR™ is a premier chemical surface preparation solution for decorative cement products.

The combination of an etcher and cleaner makes it an ideal application before applying concrete overlays, stains, and acrylic sealers. The etching process will open up the pores allowing for an increase in adhesion and absorption of cement overlays, acrylic sealers, and paints. SCR is excellent on thin overlays (such as SureSpray, SureTex, SureBroom, and Micro Topping) and stamped overlays before the application of concrete stains. Typical application with SCR ranges from 3-1 to 4-1 (part water to part SCR).


What is SCR Coverage Rate?

SCR is concentrated and must be diluted with water. For each of the areas listed below the mix ratio is Parts water : Parts SCR. (Example a 4:1 is four parts water to one part SCR.)

Concrete                    2:1

Overlay Prep            2:1

Stain Prep                 3:1

Sealer Prep               4:1


What surfaces is Super Concrete Renovator best used on?

SCR can be used to clean and degrease concrete walkways, driveways, fresh and old concrete slabs, concrete overlays, all cement-based products, tile and/or bricks, pavers, molded grout and mortar joints, garage floors, pool decks, and patios.


How Do You Clean Concrete with Super Concrete Renovator?

One of the easiest cleaning and profiling agents available, SCR was formulated to be a product anyone can use.

Step 1. Depending on the surface you intend to clean, dilute cleaner to as much as four parts water to 1 part cleaner

Step 2. Dampen concrete surface prior to application of concrete remover cleaner.

Step 3. Apply mixed cleaner evenly across cement surface with a pump-up sprayer, being careful to maintain a wet surface.

Step 4. While cement surface is still wet, work cleaner into the surface using a nylon bristle broom.

Step 5. Before concrete cleaner can dry, rinse the concrete surface with hose or power washer and make sure all residue has been removed. Note: Best results: Apply in temperatures above freezing and below 90°F (32°C).


Technical Data Sheet | TDS Click Here
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