TK Revitalizer 12

TK Products TK Revitalizer 12 is a rejuvenator for aging and weathered concrete surfaces. It revives aging curing/sealing compounds and restores them to their original aesthetic while increasing the concretes resiliency and longevity to withstand long-term use.


TK revitalizer 12 has been formulated to replace the use of harsh solvents such as xylene. TK-12 will clean and refresh curing and sealing compounds. In most cases, it can be applied without stripping faded sealers. Additionally, once applied there is no need to apply an additional sealer on top.

When applied properly, TK-12 will invigorate the concrete by increasing its resiliency to weather and temperature changes and deicing agents. Which will increase the surfaces longevity.

What is TK Revitalizer 12?

It is a rejuvenator for aging concrete surfaces or concrete that has been sealed with a cure-n-seal compounds.

What is the best way to prepare the concrete for application?

The surface should be pressure washed to ensure that dirt will not contaminate the material during the wash process. Let dry overnight.

How should TK Revitalizer 12 be applied?

You can easily apply with a pump sprayer. Be sure to back roll for a uniform finish.

Do I need to maintain the concrete after TK-12 is applied?

Occasional washing with water is recommended. In some cases, a small amount of ammonia (mixed 10-parts water: 1-part ammonia) will help keep the area cleaner.


Technical Data Sheet | TDS Click Here


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