XS Color

XS Color™ color packs are conveniently premeasured to individually tint any single XS and DFRC bag mixes. XS Color are pure, synthetic, iron oxide pigments that contain no fillers that will affect the performance of the XS bag mix being tinted. Color consistency is maintained from sack to sack.




XS Color packs are conveniently premeasured to consistently tint all XS and DFRC bag mixes. Available in (9) standard colors and (1) blended color.  Each color pack is pure, synthetic, iron oxide pigments that contain no fillers that will affect the performance. Because job site conditions and requirements can vary significantly, always prepare a sample. This is especially critical for custom coloration.

Xtreme Series Color is available in 9 standard colors: Birch, Canyon Sunset, Cavern, Jet Black, Morning Canopy, Mountain Shadow, River Bed, Twilight and Whitewater. The 10th color, Eucalyptus is created by blending Twilight and Mountain Shadow. Each of these colors require you to mix the dry pigment into the gallon of XS Modifier. Thoroughly blend pigment, lump free, to create a liquid colorant.

How To Mix Color Pack in Concrete Mixes

For XS and DFRC bag mixes, empty Color Pack into modifier prior to addition of dry bag mix. Thoroughly mix with a handheld concrete mixer with a helical (spiral) mixer blade, such as an Eibenstock model #EHR 20R. While mixing add XS or DFRC bag mix as directed in appropriate TDS. Note: multiple bag
batches may be appropriate; always maintain mix ratio of 1 – Color Pack to 1 – XS Modifier for color consistency.


How To Mix Color Pack in XS Slurry Mix

Estimate quantity of XS Slurry required, allowing for possible future touch-ups. Add a portion of dry Color Pack to dry XS Slurry and stir in making sure
color pigments are “broken” and mixed in thoroughly. Set aside some of dry mix for possible future touch-ups. Slowly introduce water into XS Slurry and mix by hand or with cordless drill equipped with a jiffy-style mixer, add water slowly to achieve desired slurry viscosity



Packaging | 0.5-1.5 lb. bags (varies by color)

Colors | 9-Standard & 1-Blended

Coverage Rate | 1 Color Pack per XS/DFRC Modifier Gallon

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