SureSpray by SureCrete is a single component, white cement, thin-build concrete overlay. Available in (2) formulas: standard and ST. ST formulation is for hot weather conditions and ideal for Texas applications.




SureSpray™ is designed to resurface concrete surfaces without compromising color, design, or texture. Our formula is a proprietary, single-component, self-bonding, white Portland Cement concrete resurfacing topping. It was developed to transform old, spalled, or
worn-down concrete by eliminating surface defects, increasing wear-ability and coefficient of friction (COF).

SureSpray is the most versatile single-component overlay on the market, due to its ability to create the largest variety of textures and designs:
• Euro-Texture (Slop Trowel)
• Stipple (Bubble Finish)
• Wet Bubble (Orange Peel)
• Knockdown
• Wood Grain
• Travertine
• Stencil Patterns
• Tape Patterns


How Can SureSpray Be Applied?

Sure Spray can be applied by a variety of techniques: trowel, float, squeegee, brush, gravity-fed hopper, or rotor/stator pump system. SureSpray may also be colored by using any of the 30 standard SureColor (pre-measured) color packs. It is available in two formulations, standard and ST.

  • The ST formulation is designed for high-temperature exterior applications, due to its use of a retarding agent, to allow for a longer work time by slowing the curing process. SureSpray ST is ideally suited for all exterior applications,
    especially when direct sunlight and/or warmer temperatures are present.
  • Standard formulation has not retarder in the formula. Ideal for temperatures below 80 degrees and interior projects.


Sure Spray Quick Facts

  • Packaging is a 50 kb. Bag (22.7 kg)
  • Mix Ratio is 4 to 6 quarts of clean water per 50 lb. bag
  • Coverage rate depends on surface smoothness
    • Base Coat = 40-200 sq. ft.
    • Finish Coat = 40-200 sq. ft. (varies due to desired texture)

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