Ashlar Roman Slate

Ashlar Roman Slate by Proline

Stamps are rented as a set and must be returned cleaned. This set comes as a set that includes (8) stamping tools. Cost shown is on a per day basis. If stamps are not returned clean, an additional fee will be assessed.


The ever-classic Ashlar Stone look dates as far back as the 12th century and is found in most western architecture. We offer a variety of background textures, including this classic Roman Slate. This stamp consists of a 3-part system to allow a more open pattern. Color-coded to reduce repeats, these quality mats both heavy duty and tight fitting for a perfectly balanced fit.

A release agent is required when using stamping tools. For Stamped Concrete, the use of a powder release is recommended. On stampable overlays, a clear liquid release is the best choice. Check out what we have available.



TOOL CODES        TOOL NAME                                   LENGTH AND WIDTH     TOOL WEIGHT

AS300A                  Ashlar-Roman Slate A                                24″ x 24″                            10 lbs.

AS300B                  Ashlar-Roman Slate B                                24″ x 24″                            10 lbs.

AS300C                  Ashlar-Roman Slate C                                24″ x 24″                            10 lbs.

AS300FA                Ashlar-Roman Slate Thin-Flex A              24″ x 24″                            7.5 lbs.

AS300FB                Ashlar-Roman Slate Thin-Flex B              24″ x 24″                            7.5 lbs.

AS300FC                Ashlar-Roman Slate Thin-Flex C              24″ x 24″                            7.5 lbs.

AS300SFA              Ashlar-Roman Slate Super-Flex A           24″ x 24″                            10 lbs.

AS300SFB              Ashlar-Roman Slate Super-Flex B           24″ x 24″                            10 lbs..

AS300SFC              Ashlar-Roman Slate Super-Flex C           24″ x 24″                            10 lbs.



2RS | Roman Slate Light Skin Mat

W14R | 1/4″ Round Touch-Up Wheel

HT12S | 12″ Standard Chisel

HT8S | 8″ Standard Chisel

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