Eco Stain

Eco Stain is the industry’s only 100% water-based, environmentally friendly, concrete stain for both interior and exterior surfaces. It is made from the highest-grade micronized pigments to ensure the colors in your project are UV-stable and ready for additional coatings and/or sealer. Available in 29 colors.




Eco Stain is a liquid form, semi-transparent, water-based, penetrating concrete stain. It makes use of concrete’s porosity and natural tendency to take in moisture to draw in the unique micronized pigments to transform boring, lifeless concrete into a multicolored, antiqued, variegated surface. When you choose any one of the twenty-nine Stain colors, you are in control of its movement and beauty with its eco-friendly, zero VOC, no rinsing, no neutralizing formula.

Typical applications for EcoStain are concrete and concrete overlays: floors, walls, ceilings, countertops, wall panels, and other architectural elements in both residential and commercial settings.

EcoStain comes in three different sizes, each designed to match the color chart. The color chart is based on two applications of Eco-Stain at “standard strength.” Identify which of the three sizes of Eco Stain you have and follow the mixing instructions for that exact size to ensure you are at “standard strength.”

How Does SureCrete’s Water-Based Stain Work?

Eco-Stain sees only porosity and will highlight porosity differences in the surface it is applied to. It can aid in blending concrete, but will not hide existing concrete discoloration, blemishes, cracks or other surface problems. Know that this stain dries a few shades lighter, than when wet. To keep the color enhancement, a color-enhancing sealer or coating must be applied.

Once completely dried, seal your stained surface with a solvent or water-based acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, or polyaspartic. For exterior projects, the use of the HS Series Sealer is recommended. On interior applications, many prefer a high-performance coating such as DK 400 (solvent-based) or DK 400WB (water-based).


Can Eco Stain Be Blended With Other Colors?

Yes this stain can blend its own colors to create unique depths of color. This can be done during the mixing stage. Or applied wet on wet on the stained surface.


Eco-Stain Quick Facts

Packaging | 4 oz. / 32 oz. / 128 oz.

Colors | 29

Coverage Rate | 200 sq. ft.  per gallon

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