P3 Industrial

P3 Industrial protects the treated concrete without forming a membrane. P3 Industrial works within the concrete matrix and can be used as the protection of choice, part of an overall system for waterproofing exterior concrete, or to treat and condition concrete for coatings. P3 Industrial can be used as a temporary roofing measure. Contractors have used this technology to work below decks with no concern of water moving through the concrete. For more information about this product please see the concrete durability solutions page.




P3 Industrial by Spray-Lock, is a spray-applied product which uses Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) colloidal silica technology to provide a permanent increase in the durability and lifespan of Portland cement concrete. P3 protects the concrete throughout the treated area without forming a membrane. The treated concrete better resists deterioration from biological and environmental attack.

Permeability reduction provides improved resistance to impacts from salts, waste, efflorescence, and carbonation. P3 can be used as the protection of choice, part of an overall system for waterproofing exterior concrete, or to treat and condition concrete that will receive breathable coatings or industrial paints. Potential uses include shotcrete, stucco, architectural, and other structures. P3 Industrial provides permanent concrete protection while also providing improved conditions for concrete performance.


Environmental Conditions for P3

Hot Weather
One of the challenges of hot weather applications is rapid evaporation and unwanted gelling. SCP recommends pre-wetting concrete when surface temperature is above 90°F (32.2°C). Pre-wetting consists of spraying a light coat of water directly in front of P3 Industrial product application. This process helps in preventing rapid evaporation of P3 Industrial from the surface of the slab, allowing for better penetration into the hot concrete. P3 Industrial should be removed before allowing to dry on the slab.

Cold Weather
Challenges faced during cold weather applications include low temperature application, accelerator addition, and shorter days. The minimum air and concrete temperature at which P3 Industrial can be applied is 35°F (1.7°C) and rising. If an accelerator is used in the concrete mix, test a small area as described in the Accelerators section of this document. With shorter days during the winter months, longer set times could push P3 Industrial application to a later time when temperatures are too cold. Application may need to take place the following morning. If this is the case, the concrete company may need to protect the concrete with blankets or other means.

Rain Event
A rain event is defined as liquid precipitation that is sufficient enough to cause standing water on the concrete structure. If a light mist is observed that causes no standing water, this is not considered a rain event and application does not require interruption. If a rain event begins during an application, the portion of the slab that has been treated and squeegeed off is considered treated. If a portion of the slab is being treated and not squeegeed when it rains, P3 Industrial will need to be reapplied after rain the has stopped. Mark the area last treated so that you have a reference on where to resume application after the rain event. After rain has stopped, the slab should be squeegeed to remove all standing water. Application can continue as normal, beginning after the last treated section of the slab.


P3 Performance Attributes

Test Method                  Typical Improvement

ASTM C-1556                                48%

ASTM C-666                                  49%

ASTM E-96                                    81%

EN 12390-8                                  97%

ASTM C-1803                               50%

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