Coval UTC

Coval Ultimate Top Coat is a thin-film, single component, nano coating that can protect a variety of substrates. It is typically spray applied

Protects these substrates

  • Polished/Densified Concrete
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo




Coval UTC (Ultimate Top Coat) is a thin-film, single component nano coating that can go on to multiple different substrates. It is typically spray applied for larger areas but can also be applied with a foam brush or even a microfiber cloth by a skilled applicator for smaller applications like countertops. The coating is clear, is dry to touch in a few hours and typically will get to 98% of its full hardness in 48 hours depending on the conditions.

Coval Ultimate Top Coat Recommended Uses

Coval Ultimate Top Coat is a great solution to combat moisture, most stains, mild acids, bird & animal waste, and graffiti.

  • Polished & Densified Concrete
  • Epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Marble
  • Terrazzo



ASTM D-4060 Taber Abrasion                      <1
ASTM D-3363 Film Hardness, Pencil           9H
ASTM D-245 Heat Resistance                       230 C
ASTM D4541 Adhesion                                  1700 PSI
ASTM D3359-97 Adhesion                             4
ASTM B117-111 Salt Spray Scribed              6

Spread Rate

Recommended Spread Rate per coat
Wet mils                                                             4.0-5.0 per coat
Dry mils                                                             0.4 average

Coverage Rate

Coverage*                                                          250-350 sq. ft./gal

*Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate, as well as the applicator’s method of application.

Dry Time

Drying Time**                                                     (@ 77 F, 50% RH):
**Temperature, humidity, and film thickness dependent. (The higher the temperature and humidity, the faster the dry time)

Dry to Touch                                                        1-3 hours
Walk on                                                                 12 – 24 hours
Full Cure                                                               7 Days


Color                                                                      Clear/White for the Gloss & White for Satin/Matte
Finish                                                                     Gloss or Satin or Matte
Vehicle Type                                                         Solvent Base
Flash Point                                                           (C Penskey-Martens closed Cup) – 9C/15F VOC: Less than 100 g/L
Weight/Gallon                                                     7.36 lb.
Semi – breathable

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