Coval Primer

Fast drying primer for Coval Concrete

You can add a stain into the primer is you are looking for a colored finish.




Coval Primer is a fast-drying, acetone-based acrylate sealer designed as the base coat to Coval Concrete. The porosity on the surface of concrete can vary from one area to another. For this reason, we recommend using Coval Primer to seal the concrete so that when the Coval Concrete is applied, it will have a uniform consistency. It will also reduce the amount of Coval Concrete used because you are not losing material that is seeping into the surface pores. You can add a stain into the primer is you are looking for a colored finish. Contact us for recommendations on the type of stain we recommend.

Coval Primer Recommended Uses

  • Primer for Coval Concrete
  • Can also be used to Prime rusted metal before applying Metal Coat



Color                           Clear to slight amber to rose (depending on temp and humidity) always dries clear.
Finish                          Enhancing
Vehicle Type              Solvent Base
Flash Point                 (C Penskey-Martens closed cup) -20C/-4F CC
VOC                             <20 g/ltr
Weight                        6.7lb/gallon
Dry Time                    10-20 minutes
Breathable                Yes

Dry to Touch             1-2 minutes*
Walk Through           5 minutes*
Full Cure                    5 minutes*

Coval Concrete Application after full cure

*Drying Time (@ 77 F, 50% RH): Temperature and humidity dependent.

Coverage Rates

Substrate                                          Sq. Ft. / gal
Smooth Concrete                            300-400
Broom Finish Concrete                  250-350
Porous Concrete                             150-250
Concrete Block                                200-250
Stucco                                               250-300
Split Face Block                               200-250
Fluted Block                                     200-250
Brick (Clay)                                       150-250
Sandstone, Limestone                   250-300
Flagstone, Concrete Pavers          250-300
Unglazed Ceramic/Porcelain        400-500
Travertine, Tumbled Marble         300-400
Artificial Stone                                 250-300

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